G2 driver clocked going 206 km/h in Oakville


Anyone who’s been outside during the COVID-19 isolation has likely seen drivers taking advantage of the open roads and social distancing by law enforcement.

One G2 driver apparently decided to test both and was sent a clear message by an officer in Oakville.

Halton Regional Police Service tweeted a photo of an officer’s radar gun, which read 206 km/h.

The photo was accompanied by a caption assuring viewers there was no equipment malfunction.

Halton’s Deputy Police Chief, Roger Wilkie retweeted the photo, calling it a “great example of appropriate traffic enforcement”.

…even as we strive to minimize our officer’s exposure with the public. We are committed to saving lives & holding people accountable who fail to be socially responsible. If we don’t, who will? Driving is a privilege not a right!”

According to the original Halton Police tweet, the driver was charged with stunt driving, speeding, and improper use of an HOV lane. Police say the driver will appear in court after having their license suspended and vehicle impounded.

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