Halton Hills Councilors Launch New Initiative to Reduce Speeding Drivers


Speeding vehicles are dangerous for both pedestrians and other motorists. To help reduce the amount of speeding on the roads, Halton Hills Council members have started a new initiative to help slow down drivers.

The initiative is a lawn sign campaign that will encourage drivers to slow down.

Inspired by similar initiatives taken on by Toronto and Burlington, the Council purchased 400 bright yellow signs and is making them available to the public.

Residents need only to contact their Councilor to have a sign delivered and installed.

"It was the most frequently raised issue at all three of the Ward Meetings," said Mayor Rick Bonnette. "Council heard numerous complaints about speeding on local and regional roads, and I have seen it myself with drivers often far exceeding the limit on both rural and residential streets."

Residents don’t have to pay for the signs but are asked to be mindful that the placement of their sign does not impede any sightlines. If a sign is blocking sightlines, the Town staff will request for it to be moved.

"This may be a sign of the times," said Bonnette, along with expressing his hope that residents will take advantage of the opportunity to display a sign on their lawn.

Contact information on the Councilors in Halton Hills can be found here.

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