Halton Hills unveils plan to combat climate change


Published August 27, 2023 at 10:00 am

The Town of Halton Hills is serious about combatting climate change.

The Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCAP) has been developed to address the physical, economic, social, and ecological impacts of climate change expected for the Town of Halton Hills in the next 30 years.

The Town is creating a more resilient community managing the impacts of climate change.

This means taking actions to be prepared for:

  • Extreme weather events, able to handle higher temperatures, and prolonged heat waves
  • Flooding by managing stormwater, planting native trees, considering low impact developments, and adding more green roofs
  • Protecting and preserving the Town’s natural assets and ecosystems to withstand the changing climate
  • Socio-economic impacts of climate change such as increased influx of population, local food security, and resilient businesses
  • Emergencies, and aftermaths of damaging weather, increased awareness of potential health risks and safety impacts of climate change

“Our weather is changing, and large rain events are becoming more intense and frequent,” said a Town spokesperson.

“This may lead to flooding, particularly in the spring when large amounts of rain and snowmelt can overwhelm streams, lakes, rivers, and man-made infrastructure. The main risk to property owners is lot-level flooding.”

For tips to avoid flooding, visit the Town’s Flooding in Halton Hills webpage.

“The Town values natural assets in supporting resiliency against flooding and storing carbon emissions. Examples of natural assets include Halton Hills’ tree canopy, rivers, wetlands, forests, meadows, and open spaces which provide a range of ecosystems that benefit the environment.”

You can learn more about the Town’s natural assets here.

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