Halton male in his 30s is region's 4th case of COVID-19


A new case of coronavirus has been diagnosed in the Halton Region. 

According to the province, a male Halton resident in his 30s was recently diagnosed with the virus. He presented at Joseph Brant Hospital after traveling to the U.S. and is now self-isolating.

Four new cases of coronavirus have also been diagnosed in the Region of Peel, according to the province's COVID-19 website

The cases were confirmed as of 10:30 am on March 16.

According to the website, the ages and genders of the Peel patients have not yet been disclosed. All are said to be self-isolating. 

According to the website, there are currently 172 cases in Ontario, with 1,537 possible cases under investigation. Five cases of the virus have been resolved and 8,464 people have tested negative. 

Four new cases have also been diagnosed in Hamilton. The ages and genders of those patients are not yet available, but all are self-isolating. 

Most of the new cases were found in Toronto residents. 

Cover photo courtesy of The Canadian Press

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