Halton Mayors urging residents to wear masks when inside public spaces


Halton Mayors and Chair are urging the public to wear masks in indoor public settings throughout the region.

"As our local economy and community reopens, it is more important than ever to follow public health direction and take personal responsibility to protect yourself, loved ones and the community," a statement from Halton Mayors and the Halton Regional Chair said.

While masks aren't currently mandatory, Halton Mayors are strongly urging residents of Burlington, Halton Hills, Oakville and Milton to wear masks at all times when inside indoor public spaces.

Halton Mayors are also encouraging business owners to make wearing masks mandatory for customers to enter their establishments.

"We are issuing this guidance to do what is best for our community and to help stop the spread of COVID-19," the release said.

The release also pointed out the fact that the reason many businesses across the Halton Region have been able to reopen is that residents have been following instructions when it comes to public health officials, and continuing to do so can ensure Halton businesses can stay open.

"These voluntary actions have produced the good results we are seeing today--lower daily cases, sustained hospital capacity and the ability to reopen parts of our economy.  As such, we continue to urge voluntary compliance and rely on the action of our community, including the use of face coverings in all public indoor settings," the release said.

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