Halton officials support Damoff after departure due to ‘toxic’ work environment


Published May 16, 2024 at 3:29 pm

Halton Damoff Pledge Letter 2024

Earlier this month Pam Damoff, the Liberal MP for Oakville North-Burlington announced an upcoming departure from politics due to bipartisanism that made her job unsustainable and unsafe. As of today (May 16), in an official letter to the public through the office of Mayor Marianne Ward, numerous Halton representatives have announced their solidarity with her. 

The statement was drafted on behalf of Halton Elected Representatives, a group of female officials who convene throughout the year on behalf of the mayor. At the time of this report, the statement has a total of 22 signed witnesses, many of whom are representatives within the Region of Halton. 

In the letter, HER officials cite the misogyny and abuse Damoff endured as “consequences of a toxic environment.” As a result, members gathered this month to share stories similar to Damoff’s and then pledged to speak out publicly.

In their official statement, HER representatives touch on how the development of toxic environments is dire, as it curtails elected officials from actively doing their job while severely discouraging any potential candidates from stepping forward into the world of politics. 

HER officials are pledging:

  • To support the community of elected officials in Halton, and in doing so, call out harassment when it occurs. 
  • To call on allies when this sort of abuse takes place and stand by women who are holding office. 
  • To hold elected officials to a higher standard and ensure that all discourse focuses on political issues and not personal attacks. 
  • To harness the power of regional authorities to ensure the protection of individuals who speak out against abuse. 

The letter then closes out its statements by proclaiming the time has come “to get serious about creating a safe and supportive environment that encourages all individuals to participate in the political process without fear of abuse or discrimination,” adding that “our democracy depends on it.”

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