Halton Pet Adoption: 'Bunz' the Bunny


Name: Bunz

Age: Adult

Message from the Oakville & Milton Humane Society:

Bunz is a comedian, always keeping his foster family entertained. He is very smart and can sometimes be a bit of a trouble-maker. That’s okay though because he’s just so cute! He’s interested in his surroundings and loves to know what everyone is up to. He’s social, friendly, and can’t get enough attention.

He’d make a great family pet for someone who is able to give him lots of space to roam around and play. In his foster home, Bunz enjoys spending time munching on hay, chewing on cardboard and playing with toilet paper rolls. He doesn’t mind being picked up and pet but isn’t much of a cuddle bug.

If you are interested in adopting Bunz, please submit a Small Animal Adoption Survey to the Adoptions department.


You may submit your completed adoption survey by placing it through our shelter doors, by emailing it to adoptions [at] omhs [dot] ca, or by faxing it to 905-845-1973. The adoption survey must be submitted for a particular animal.

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