Halton Pet Adoption: Can you find Zac a forever home?


Name: Zac

Age: 10 months

Message from the Oakville & Milton Humane Society:

Zac, the adorable little fluffy monster, came into the care of the Oakville & Milton Humane Society after having suffered a broken leg. He received lots of TLC and has since been spending his time healing up in a foster home. Whether he appreciated all the extra love and affection he received is still up for debate.

This confident kitty is described as being playful, but stubborn. He will be a lot of fun for the right person. Zac’s ideal human companion(s) is someone who lives in an adult only home, and has a fair bit of experience owning cats with big personality and lots of spunk. Zac’s new people should be understanding that this guy isn’t always gentle and that they may have to learn to deal with (and train) a kitty that nips.

This wild guy’s main challenge is that he lacks self control. If he wants to play, pounce, and wrestle, nothing will stop him! Sometimes this means that you’re going to get pounced on, or that your hands and feet will be used as a toy. These behaviours are likely due to Zac being young, being bored, and possibly having been rewarded in the past for acting this way. It’s important for Zac to be reminded of how to solicit play appropriately, so it’s best not to encourage him when he’s being a little too demanding.

Zac will fit into an active lifestyle perfectly. Yeah, sure, he’ll cuddle on his own terms, but he’s not a big fan of any sort of restraint and is much more interested in chasing that thing you have in your hand, or jumping for that ball you threw. This cathlete has a lot of energy to burn and needs stimulation for multiple hours a day. He loves to interact with people, but is learning to keep himself entertained when his humans are too busy to play.

Zac would likely do well with a confident, cat-friendly dog, but would do best in a home without cats as he can be a bit of a bully to them.

Zac is currently eating Hill’s I/D with Forti Flora added as he has had a history of occasional soft stool. This food has helped him so much and now he is feeling great! He should stay on this food unless my veterinarian recommends otherwise.

If you are interested in adopting Zac, please submit a Cat Adoption Survey to the Adoptions department.


You may submit your completed adoption survey by placing it in our drop dox to the left of the shelter doors, by emailing it to adoptions [at] omhs [dot] ca, or by faxing it to 905-845-1973. The adoption survey must be submitted for a particular animal.

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