Halton Police Advise Public Of Thieves Targeting Unlocked Vehicles


Many thieves are targeting unlocked vehicles in Milton and Halton Hills. Halton Police are telling Milton and Halton Hills residents to: ‘LOCK& IT OR LOSE IT.’

After investigating into vehicle entries in the Milton and Halton Hills district between January 1 and July 18, they found an overwhelming majority of thefts (94 per cent) targeted vehicles that were left unlocked. In the small number of thefts where vehicle doors were pried open or windows smashed, items of value had been left in plain sight.

Halton Police have shared this video:

In the surveillance footage, suspects are seen moving on quickly from vehicles with locked doors, while taking quick advantage of unlocked cars and trucks.

We really want to ensure our residents are aware of just how important it is to lock your vehicle. It is a huge crime deterrent and an effective way to protect your property,” says District 1 Superintendent Al Albano.

Halton Police would like to remind residents to always park in well-lit areas, never leave valuables in plain sight, ensure your vehicle doors are always locked, always roll up vehicle windows, take electronics with you, and never leave a vehicle running and unattended.

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