Halton Region Announces New Funding For Community Run Organizations


The Halton Region is planning to help community-run organizations by providing new funding.

Community organizations are invited to apply to the Halton Region Community Investment Fund (HRCIF), which supports a wide range of non-profit health and social service programs and initiatives that enhance the health, safety and well-being of Halton residents.

Approximately $1 million is available for new grants in 2020.

Funding is provided in single and multi-year grants through two categories:

  • Category One: one-year of funding up to $30,000 to non-profit, charitable or unincorporated community organizations for short-term, small capital and innovative projects.
  • Category Two: up to three years of funding to charitable organizations for programs and initiatives.

There are some rules for applications for HRCIF funding, as they must focus on supporting vulnerable residents in the community.

The HRCIF asks organizations to submit proposals that demonstrate collaborative approaches to address community needs and is aligned with the region’s overall approach to community safety and well-being planning.

The deadline to apply to both funding categories is November 1, at 2 pm.

Community organizations interested in learning more about HRCIF and the application process may attend an information session being held on September 25 and October 1.

To register for these sessions and HRCIF guidelines and application forms, you may visit the HRCIF webpage.

Photo courtesy of the Halton Region

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