Halton to Expand Britannia Road


The Halton Region has announced its intention to expand Britannia road from two to six lanes.

The road, which runs east-west, is commonly used by residents to get to work and school in the mornings and home in the afternoon/evenings.

However, to accommodate growth in the area, it will be expanded to provide safe alternative transit options and improve traffic flow, as well as upgraded to include bike lanes, traffic signals, and streetlights.

Construction will occur in three phases. Phase one--Tremaine Road to Regional Road 25--began this summer, while phase two--James Snow Parkway to Highway 407, and phase three--Regional Road 25 to James Snow Parkway, will begin in 2020.

Home and business owners will be notified when construction begins, and the road will still be accessible to vehicles during construction--because of this, there will be no detours.

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