Here's Everything You Need to Know About Voting Day in Milton


After months of talk and debate it's finally here.

Voting day.

Here's a recap of everything you need to know before heading out to the Milton polls today, Oct. 22..

Who is eligible?

If you’re a Canadian citizen who is over the age of 18 and are a resident, owner or tenant of a property in Milton, you are eligible to vote today

What you need:

In order to vote people must come prepared with their voter notification card (if they received one), and personal identification that shows their name and address.

Forms of identification can include:

  • Driver’s licence or Ontario photo card
  • Bank or credit card statement
  • Utility or phone bills
  • T4 slip or pay sub

Voting times and locations: 

To find out where you're supposed to vote visit the town of Milton website.

Polling locations in Milton will be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. today, Oct. 22. According to the town, shortly after the polls close the votes will be counted and results will be released and on display to the public at the FirstOntario Arts Centre in Milton.

Who is running?

In this municipal election Milton voters are voting to elect their mayor, regional chair, town councillor, regional councillor, and school board trustee (HDSB or HCDSB).

The mayoral candidates are as follows: 

  • Wasim Ahmed
  • Mian Amir Naeem
  • Gord Krantz 

The regional chair candidates are as follows: 

  • Gary Carr
  • Anne Marsden

 The town councillor candidates for Ward 1 are as follows:

Regional Councillor Candidates:

  • Colin Best
  • Farooq Azam
  • Hassu Bihari 

 Town Councillor Candidates:

  • Chris Jewell
  • Kristina Tesser Derksen
  • Cindy Lunau
  • Mahmood Chaudhry

The town councillor candidates for Ward 2 are as follows:

Regional Councillor Candidates:

  • Rick Malboeuf
  • Aman Singh Hans
  • Arnold Huffman
  • Falak Shoaib 

Town Councillor Candidates:

  • Giles vanderHolt
  • John Challinor
  • Michael Vertolli 
  • Roy Zwolman
  • Sarah Jensen
  • Galen Naidoo Harris 

The town councillor candidates for Ward 3 are as follows:

Regional Councillor Candidates:

  • Faisal Elahi
  • Mike Cluett

Town Councillor Candidates:

  • Rick Di Lorenzo
  • Usman Kayani
  • Robert Duvall

The town councillor candidates for Ward 4 are as follows:

Regional Councillor Candidates:

  • Zeeshan Hamid
  • Sammy Ijaz
  • John Pollard
  • David Hertzman
  • Tony Lambert

Town Councillor Candidates:

  • Sameera Ali 
  • Jean Claude Ngansoo
  • Khurshid Ali Khan 
  • Syed Raza 
  • Biren Gosai 

Milton school board trustee candidates are as follows:

Halton District School Board Trustee

Wards 1 & 2

  • Donna Danielli- ACCLAIMED

Halton District School Board Trustee

Wards 3 & 4

  • Iram Amjad
  • Neel Bhatt
  • Heather Gerrits
  • Ghulam Abbas

Halton Catholic District School Board Trustee- two positions

All Wards

  • Samantha Attew 
  • Kanakam Davis
  • Patrick Murphy
  • Marvin Duarte
  • Korin Abdelsayed 
  • Bob Grynol

Conseil Scolaire Viamonde Trustee

All Wards

  • Pierre Girouard
  • Denis S. Frawley 

Conseil Scolaire Catholique MonAvenir Trustee

All Wards

  • Dominique Janssens- ACCLAIMED 

Will you be at the polls?

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