Here’s How Halton Police Responded to Doug Ford's Latest Announcement


The Ontario government recently announced that it is planning to make some changes to police oversight in the province. 

The Ontario government has proposed a new act, known as the Comprehensive Ontario Police Services Act, 2019, that, if passed, would repeal and replace that previous Wynne government’s Safer Ontario Act, policing legislation known as Bill 175.

This new act will attempt to streamline the SIU investigation process through investigating police use-of-force, arrests or motor-vehicle pursuits resulting in serious injury or death, when an officer discharges a firearm or if there is an allegation of sexual assault.

It would also allow for investigations to be wrapped up within 120 days.

There will also be one platform for public complaints, reducing delays in the investigation process, and ensuring more accountability, according to the Ontario government.

This proposed act includes changes that, according to Halton Police, are much needed.

Today is an extremely important day for the policing profession throughout the province of Ontario,” Stephen Tanner, Chief of Halton Police, said in a statement. “These much-needed changes to modernize the Police Service Act are long overdue and most welcomed.”

In the statement, Tanner continued to explain that this act, if passed, will help speed up the investigation process.

Specifically, in relation to police oversight and the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), I am thankful that the government took the time to listen to concerns that were raised (by a variety of stakeholders) and to include them in the proposed legislation announced today,” Tanner said. “The opportunity to expedite a SIU investigation accelerates the road to justice for all involved - for our citizens, our service members, and their families.” 

However, this new act is not one that has been well-received by everyone. Some believe that it can hinder policing.

What do you think of this proposed act?

For more information on the announcement, click here.

Photo is courtesy of Halton Police.

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