Here’s How Many Public Sector Employees in Milton Earned More Than $100K in 2018


A recent inhalton article revealed just how much money the mayors and public sector workers in Halton are making. This information came from the Ontario government's latest Sunshine List - a list that reveals the salaries of public sector workers in the province who were paid more than $100,000 in 2018.

According to the list, in 2018 Milton Mayor Gordon Krantz made $111,201.67.

Now, in a recent press release, the Town of Milton has revealed exactly how many employees made it onto this list.

According to the release, 103 employees in Milton were on the Sunshine List.

This is an increase of 55 people from 2017 (48 workers were on the list in 2017).

The reasoning for this increase was outlined in the release.

"A large majority of the increase is attributed to retroactive payments from 2015 - 2018, paid in 2018, and related to collective bargaining agreements with Milton Fire Department staff," reads the release.

The previous inhalton article highlighted the three top earners in Ontario: Jeff Lyash, president and CEO at Ontario Power Generation Inc. ($1,746,824.96), Daren Smith, president and Chief Investment Officer, University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation ($989,308.00) and Glenn Jager, nuclear president and Chief Nuclear Officer, Ontario Power Generation ($962,749.44).

Lyash, the top earner in Ontario, made $1,635,623.29 more than Mayor Krantz in 2018.

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