Here’s How Much Burlington Candidates Spent on the October Municipal Election


The 2018 municipal election seems like so long ago. 

The election took place in October, six months ago, however, the city of Burlington has just released the election financial reports.

As part of the municipal election process, every candidate must submit their campaign financial information,” reads a recent blog post on Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward’s website.

The blog post continued to explain that the deadline to file financial statements just recently passed, March 29, 2019.

Candidates who miss the filing deadline have up to 30 days later (April 29) to submit with a payment of a late fee,” notes the blog post.

The graphics below show how much money Burlington candidates spent on the October municipal election.


For more information pertaining to how each candidate’s money was spent, and where it came from, click here.

Are you surprised by these numbers?

Graphics are courtesy of Meed Ward’s blog post.

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