Here’s How Much Milton Could be Spending on a New Fire and Paramedic Station


The Town of Milton is getting a new fire and a new paramedic station (Milton Fire Station No. 5 and Halton Paramedic Services Station No. 17), however, there is still some discussion surrounding how much these new stations are going to cost.

According to a council meeting document, the existing approved budget for the construction of this joint facility is $6,383,170, although, it was proposed that this budget be increased by $1,264,616 - resulting in the total estimated cost being $7,647,786. This new estimated cost includes the final design elements of the facility along with price estimates for materials that will be used (such as aluminum and steel).

The Halton Region and the Town of Milton are working as partners on this project and, according to the document, this proposed cost increase is expected to be required on the town’s share. 

The document also notes that the budget increase for the town would be funded by Development Charge revenue related to the Fire Service. The existing approved budget of $6,383,170 is part of the town’s capital budget. 

Construction for this facility, which will be located west of Regional Road 25 on the north-east corner of Louis St. Laurent Avenue and Diefenbaker Street, has not yet started but is scheduled to commence in the spring of this year.

According to the Milton Fire website, “The Paramedic Services Station No.17 will be 4,400 square feet and Fire Station No.5 will be 8,500 for a total building envelope of 12,900 square feet.”

The proposed budget increase has not yet been approved and will go to council for approval on March 4, 2019.

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