Here’s How Oakville Residents Can Have Their Say on Traffic


The Town of Oakville is giving residents the opportunity to have their say on traffic.

The town is preparing to update its traffic calming process. 

This is a program that works to keep Oakville safe for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. According to the Oakville town website, the traffic calming program works to address issues regarding excessive traffic volume, neighbourhood safety, and vehicle speed.

A few traffic calming examples include roundabouts, curb extensions, raised centre medians, and raised crosswalks.

The update that the town is preparing will include a review of the current speed limits, and new rules regarding the potential use of automated speed enforcement (ASE) or photo radars in Ontario.

The town is inviting residents to compete its traffic calming survey to provide their feedback on the listed matters.

Residents have until Feb. 18 to complete the survey.

The town is also looking for feedback from residents regarding the design and layout of the new speed cushions on Pinegrove Road. Residents have until Feb. 22 to complete this survey.

The town has been working to address traffic issues for quite some time. In May of 2018, the town introduced a study regarding potential traffic calming options for school zones near major collector and minor roadways. 

This project will look at 20 schools across the town.

In other efforts to address traffic, the town introduced three sets of speed cushions from Sixth Line to Kent Avenue in the Ridge Drive area. In order to determine whether this was effective or not, a speed survey will commence in the spring of this year.

In addition, according to the town's website, a traffic calming study for the Great Lakes Boulevard area is currently underway and is expected to be completed also in the spring of this year.

According to the town’s website, "Proposed treatments include raised centre median, curb extension, pedestrian crossover and roundabout."

For more information, and to complete the town's traffic calming survey, or the Pinegrove Road survey, click here.

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