Here’s How Oakville Residents Can Help Enhance the Town


The Town of Oakville is giving its residents the chance to help enhance the town.

Along with Sheridan College, the Town of Oakville is working to develop a Community Energy Plan (CEP) for the town. 

Residents who are interested in this plan are invited to come out to inaugural meeting of the CEP task force.

This meeting is being held on Jan. 23 from 9 a.m. to noon at Town Hall.

According to the Oakville town website, once it is developed the CEP will act as a guide to help the town in reducing energy costs, increasing energy security, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and enhancing resiliency to climate change. 

In short, the CEP will help Oakville look at how it can use energy better.  

The CEP task force is made up of a team of community leaders from local businesses, government, utilities, schools and community groups.

These leaders, according to the town, will share their expertise to help shape the plan.

Current Ward 4 Town Councillor, Peter Longo, was appointed to represent the town on the task force.

Another main aspect of developing the plan, however, is feedback from residents.

Residents who want to learn more, and have their say, are encouraged to come out to the CEP Task Force meeting.

More information can also be found on the Community Energy Plan page.

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