Here’s How the New Burlington Mayor Elect is Planning to Protect the City


On Oct. 22 Marianne Meed Ward was elected as the new Burlington Mayor.

She received 23,360 votes, or 46.04 per cent.

Now that she has been elected, the plans that Meed Ward had outlined on her website could be a reality for Burlington. 

The new mayor elect has five main priorities. 

They are as follows:

Priority One: Reasonable Growth, Not Overdevelopment

Meed Ward is aiming to amend the current downtown plan and remove up to 30 more high-rises, and end overdevelopment across the city by sticking to zoning.

Priority Two: Get Traffic Moving and Improve Transit 

Meed Ward wants to keep traffic moving in the city. In order to do this, she plans to do this by improving traffic synchronization and intersections, transit routes, implementing free seniors’ fares, and no bike lane road diets.

Priority Three: Reducing Flood Risks

In order to reduce flood risks in the city, Meed Ward is planning to create more building setbacks, ending lot-line to lot-line hard surface coverage, keep water at source with greenspace, and infrastructure.

Priority Four: Reducing Tax Increases

In order to achieve this, Meed Ward will be focusing on residents’ priorities, cutting redundant administration, better business desirability, investing in snow clearing, bylaw enforcement, road repair, as well as family and seniors’ amenities.

Priority Five: Rebuilding Trust and Creating an Open Government 

For her last main goal, the new mayor elect is planning to focus on rebuilding the trust between city hall and the public. In order to gain residents’ trust, Meed Ward plans to include residents when it comes to shaping decisions. One of the main ways she plans to do this is by developing a city of Burlington Accountability portal which will feature the administration’s organization structure.

What do you think of Meed Ward’s plans and goals?

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