Here’s How the Ontario Government is Improving Mental Health and Addiction Services in Halton


In a previous inhalton article, it was noted that the Ontario government is working to improve mental health and addiction services in communities across the province.

On May 6, 2019, it was announced that an additional $174-million in funding would be used to address gaps in Ontario's current mental health care system, and to support patients and families who face mental health and addiction challenges.

This money will go towards adding mental health and addiction services on the ground, in schools, and in communities and health centres across the province.

More specifically, in a recent press release from the Ontario government, it was noted that the funding will go towards the following. 

  • Providing children and youth with earlier and faster mental health and addictions help at schools and in the community.
  • More housing support for people who are homeless and face mental health and addictions issues.
  • New mobile crisis teams that will help police officers and other first responders manage sensitive situations when assisting people with severe mental illness.
  • Faster access to addictions treatment for all Ontarians.

Following the previous article, inhalton reached out Oakville MPP Stephen Crawford, Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott, Milton MPP Parm Gill, and Burlington MPP Jane McKenna to find out if the region would be receiving any of this funding.

"We have been advised by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care that $525,000 has been allocated to Hope Place Centres for Youth Residential Treatment and Withdrawal Management," Arnott said in an email. "We have also been advised that Hope Place Centres have 3 locations, one of which is located in Hornby [a community in Halton Hills]."

In addition, Cameron Doherty, Legislative Assistant, Office of Stephen Crawford, revealed that the following locations in Halton have been approved for funding by the Ontario Ministry of Health, and Long Term Care.

  • Halton Alcohol, Drug & Gambling Assessment Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) - $ 100,000
  • Canadian Mental Health Association- Halton Branch - $ 1,354,400
  • Support & Housing- Halton- $609,950
  • Summit Housing & Outreach Programs- 325,649
  • Halton Healthcare- Community Mental Health- $205,000

Furthermore, Gill also weighed in.

I am proud that our Government is investing in mental health supports in Milton and Halton," Gill said in a statement. "This money will go towards the efficient and effective delivery of vital mental health services in our community.”

Gill also added and expanded on some of the funding initiatives that Doherty highlighted, noting that some of the numbers outlined below are increases in funding and don’t account for the total funding allocated. 

  • Halton Alcohol, Drug & Gambling Assessment Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) - $ 100,000 for: 

-      MHJ--Addictions and Withdrawal Management for Safe beds

  • Canadian Mental Health Association- Halton Branch - $ 1,354,400 for:            

-      MHJ- Post Court Transitional Case Managers - $154,400

-      MHJ- Safebeds— $1,200,000

  • Support & Housing- Halton - $609,950 for: 

-      Peer Support Services - $160,700

-      MHJ- Post Court TCM Rent Supplements (ministry-managed) - $50,000

-       MHJ- Supportive Housing (LHIN-managed) - 170,000

-      MHJ- Supportive Housing (ministry-managed) $169,900

-      Expand the Rent Supplement Program to Address End of Operating Agreements- $46,700

-      Funding increase for the Rent Supplement Supportive Housing Program - $12,650

  • Summit Housing & Outreach Programs - 325,649 for: 

-      Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Screening and Diagnostic Services - $37,300

-      MHJ- Supportive Housing (LHIN-managed) - $150,500

-      MHJ- Supportive Housing (ministry-managed) - $99,900

-      Funding Increase for the Rent Supplement Supportive Housing Program - $37,949

  • Halton Healthcare- Community Mental Health - $205,000:  

-      Community Addiction Services

McKenna has not yet responded to inhalton's email.

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