Here’s How the Ontario Government is Working to Improve Transportation in Halton


The Ontario government is working to improve transportation in the Halton Region.

The provincial government recently announced in a press release that it will be providing support for transportation infrastructure in the region specifically regarding the Wyecroft Road extension project.

The goal of this project is to connect Halton communities, although it will mainly impact Oakville and Burlington.

Currently, as noted in the release, Wyecroft Road is disconnected at Bronte Creek with no crossing. Local traffic, according to the region, is currently diverted north to the QEW or south through residential neighbourhoods.

The Wyecroft Road Extension Project would connect both sides of Wyecroft Road, including building a bridge over Bronte Creek,” reads the press release. “The road extension and bridge would include a mixed-use path for active transportation.”

The extension will result in an additional east-west connection between Burlington and Oakville. This connection will help residents in the two communities access regional GO stations.

In addition, the extension will give buses in the two regions a more direct route to the Bronte and Appleby GO stations.

Building the Wyecroft Road Extension has a wide range of benefits that connects municipalities in Halton Region and is a vital step in creating an effective regional transportation network,” Oakville MPP Stephen Crawford said in the release.

Halton Regional Chair Gary Garr took to Twitter to express his gratitude towards this announcement.

The Wyecroft Road Extension and Bridge Project will enhance the mobility options to the residents of Halton by providing critical east-west connectivity over Bronte Creek between the City of Burlington and the Town of Oakville,” Carr said in the release.

This project, according to a press release from the region, was approved by Halton Regional council back in July of 2018 in order to utilize the remaining funding of $57.6 million from the Move Ontario Quick Wins Fund - a program that was introduced back in 2007 by the province as part of its overall funding to improve public transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area through its agency, Metrolinx.

The Wyecroft Road extension is a demonstration of partnership between the provincial government, Halton Region, the City of Burlington and the Town of Oakville”, Oakville Mayor, Rob Burton, said in the release. “This is a true commitment to make the movement of people and goods within the Region more effective and efficient for residents and business.”

Halton Region staff will continue to work alongside the province throughout the duration of this project.

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