Here’s How You Can Prepare for Winter Driving in Halton


Winter weather is all fun and games until you have to drive in it.

No matter how much you like the snow when you're stuck inside or enjoying it outside, icy and snowy settings tend to result in some hazardous and nerve-wracking driving conditions.

There are ways, however, in which drivers can get prepared for winter driving.

The following tips and tricks were recently outlined by the Halton Region. 

Before taking off drivers should plan out their route and let someone know where they're heading and their estimated time of arrival, clear all ice and snow from their vehicle (lights, roof, mirrors, and windows), and ensure they have enough windshield washer fluid (rated to minus 40 or lower).

The Halton Region is also encouraging drivers to wear comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict movement in addition to keeping warm clothing in their vehicle, such as a set of gloves or mitts, in case they have to get out.

Other safety measures include bringing a map and having an alternate route in mind just in case, bringing a cell phone, and having all-season or snow tires. 

Drivers should also have a 'winter driving survival kit' that is equipped with the following: an ice scraper/snowbrush, a shovel, sand or other traction aid, tow rope or chain, booster cables, road flares or warning lights, gas line antifreeze, flashlight and batteries, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, small tool kit, extra clothing and footwear, blanket, non-perishable energy foods, candle and small tin can, and matches.

The Halton Region is also reminding drivers to be aware of how closely they are following other vehicles. In order to ensure you are leaving enough space, the two-second rule is a good guide to follow. The two-second rule is outlined below. 

  • Pick a marker on the road ahead.
  • When the rear of the vehicle ahead passes the marker, start to count “one thousand and one, one thousand and two…”. 
  • When the front of your vehicle reaches the marker, stop counting.  If you reach the marker before you finish counting “one thousand and two”, you are following too closely.

Are you ready for winter driving in Halton?

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