Here’s What The Town of Milton is Doing About Aircraft Noise


The Town of Milton is working to study aircraft noise after council was made aware of concerns raised by members of the community.

The town, along with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA), is studying aircraft noise in five locations. 

Temporary noise monitors will be installed at five sites in the town. Installation started on Nov. 21. 

According to a recent news release on the Town of Milton website, "The aircraft noise monitoring study will provide the community with a baseline of information to understand the impact of aircraft noise in Milton."

The study results are expected to come to Council in the spring of 2019.

This noise monitoring study is just one of the initiatives that is currently underway in regards to understanding and managing operational impacts. 

Other initiatives, according to the news release on the town's website, include: implementing six ideas with the hope of reducing impacts from night-time air traffic, providing predictable respite from air traffic for some communities on summer weekends, and keeping aircraft at higher altitudes in portions of the approach path whenever possible. 

Furthermore, the GTAA's 2018-2022 Noise Management Action Plan includes nine new noise management tools based on ten commitments to the community. These nine noise management tools include: quieter fleet incentive programs, night flight restrictions, runway usage, noise abatement procedures, land use planning, noise complaints, communications, outreach and noise committees, noise reporting and metrics, and fly quiet programs.

Milton residents can share their feedback regarding aircraft operations with the GTAA's Noise Management Office using the online noise complaint and investigation form or by phone at 416-247-7682.

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