Here’s When the Newest Branch of the Milton Public Library is Opening


The wait is almost over... because the newest branch of the Milton Public Library will be opening very soon.

In a recent press release, the library revealed that the new Sherwood branch will be open as of Monday, Sept. 30, 2019. 

The new branch will be part of the new Sherwood Community Centre located at 6355 Main St. W. 

According to the release, the new library was designed in order to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. As noted in the release, the 'discovery layout' of the new shelving will help customers find what they're looking for. 

This is something staff members are excited about.

"We are all very excited by the new layout and shelving design being incorporated into the new Sherwood branch," Mark Williams, Chief Librarian, said in a statement. "SchoolHouse Products Inc. & Opening the Book, North America have helped to realize our vision for a new approach to public library service. To say staff are excited about the opening of the new branch would be an understatement and we look forward to welcoming the first patrons to the Sherwood library branch as of September."

In addition to checking out books, people will be able to access a wide range of self-service options at the Sherwood branch. Some of these options include laptop lending, self-directed printing, and access to library materials even when the library is closed.

Furthermore, the library will be working with partners from Community Services to develop joint programming which will include access to a reading garden.

Are you excited about the Sherwood branch opening?

Renderings are courtesy of the Milton Public Library.

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