Here’s Why the Burlington and Oakville Mayors Will be Coming Together Soon


Burlington Mayor Marianne Meed Ward and Oakville Mayor Rob Burton will be coming together for a special event soon.

According to a recent blog post on Meed Ward's website, the two mayors will be coming together on June 13 to discuss important issues, as well as similarities and differences between the two municipalities.

The event, which has been called 'A Tale of Two Cities: A Conservation with Mayors Meed Ward and Burton', will be moderated by the co-chair of the incorporated non-profit Engaged Citizens of Burlington (ECOB), Roland Tanner.

A Tale of Two Cities was organized by the ECOB.

The blog post noted a few differences between the two municipalities that may be discussed at the event.

"Two cities, in some ways very similar, in other ways very different," reads the blog post "Over the last decade, Burlington, it is fair to say, has seen division over the direction of council, and the implications of intensification for different areas of the city."

"Oakville, like Burlington, has to meet provincial targets for intensification," continues the post. "Yet it has not seen the major changes to its downtown that Burlington is seeing. Nor has it seen, so far, the strength of citizen opinion that has arisen in Burlington."

This event will be held at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre in the Studio Theatre and will run from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Meed Ward's blog post was published on March 22, noting that the event was free for residents to attend; however, tickets still had to be reserved. According to the ECOB Eventbrite page, there are no more tickets available. 

UPDATE: Due to an increase in demand, more tickets have been released and the event will now be held in the main auditorium at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre.

Click here for tickets.

Photos are courtesy of Meed Ward and Burton's Facebook pages.

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