Here’s Why This Burlington Ice Centre is Unique From Any Other in North America


The Stoneridge Ice Centre, formerly known as the Wave Twin Rinks, in Burlington is now unlike any other ice centre in North America.

According to a recent press release, it is now the first arena facility in North America to adopt an energy platform that takes it off the public utility grid.

This significantly reduces the cost of electric power.

The facility, which consists of a hockey training centre with two full-size rinks and two mini pads, is working with OOM Energy - a private utility that has developed a new concept for producing and distributing electricity. 

This new concept will result in a lower-cost power that is more reliable and environmentally friendly.

OOM Energy provides an alternative to the traditional public grid by using advanced technology - an integrated Energy Platform(tm) (IEP.) The IEP is a portable, onsite power system that uses green technologies - cogeneration, batteries, cloud technology, and low CO2 emissions - resulting in clean, reliable power.

The initial cost saving of the IEP is about 20 per cent.

The ever-increasing cost of electricity is a huge problem for hockey arenas and recreational facilities, and it has even put some of them out of business," Craig Clydesdale, Founder and CEO of OOM Energy, Inc, said in the press release.

The idea of working with a private utility is new for them, but we think it can take off in this industry.”

In the press release, Anthony Miele, the Managing Partner of Stoneridge Ice Centre, noted that the facility is thrilled to be the first arena operation that is going in this route. 

What do you think of this platform?

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