Here’s Why You May Need to Get a Police Record Check


You may need to get a police record check, depending on where you plan on volunteering or working.

Luckily, the Halton Police is making it easy. 

According to a recent media release, the Halton Regional Police Service provides police record checks to all residents of Halton, for volunteer or employment purposes. 

People can take advantage of this service ONLINE or by attending one of five police facilities.

On Nov. 1 the Police Record Checks Reform Act came into effect.

The act ensures a clear, consistent and comprehensive set of standards to govern how police record checks are conducted and disclosed in the province.

The Halton Regional Police Service offers three types of police record checks for members of the public who live in the Halton Region. If you are unsure as to which Record Check you need to complete, visit the Halton Police website.

The Impact on Youth Record Checks

Up until now, police services have released a police record check inclosing youth records directly to the applicant who then provides the record check to the organization or volunteer agency.  

The federal and provincial government has found this approach to be conflicting to the Federal Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA).

As of Nov. 1, youth can only apply for a Police Record Check if:

A) The youth is applying for purposes of employment or volunteering directly with: 

  • the Government of Canada;
  • the Government of a province; or
  • a Municipality;


B) The youth requires their own youth records for their own personal information (Privacy Request). 

The Halton Regional Police Service will only offer Police Record Checks to applicants under the age of 18 for government positions.

Non-government agencies will now have to move forward with alternative application steps, including interviews and references for youths, and not rely on, either in part or solely, a police record check, as they once may have.

For more information about Police Record Checks, please visit the Halton Police website.

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