Here's Why You'll Have to Wait for Town Square Redevelopment in Milton


Milton residents may have to wait a little bit before they can enjoy a redeveloped town square area.

According to town report, creating a civic square or gathering space is one of Milton's main priorities when it comes to redeveloping town-owned lands. 

A project proposing a mixed use development was endorsed by town council on Aug. 27.

The Downtown Milton Civic Precinct Project identifies the way forward for a town-initiated revitalization project on town-owned lands east of Brown St., between Main and Mary streets.

The 2016 Downtown Study identified several priorities for the civic precinct redevelopment including: creating a civic presence as an anchor in the downtown; building on the existing heritage; creating a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, interactive public space; taking a leadership role in stimulating investment in the downtown; and constructing parking facilities to meet existing and future needs.

Following council’s endorsement of the Downtown Study in January 2017, a series of policy and zoning changes were undertaken to encourage a downtown environment that supports businesses, encourages mixed residential uses, and promotes consistent pedestrian traffic with lively, interactive street fronts.

The Civic Precinct Project uses Milton’s position as a major landowner in the downtown to further advance these goals.

However, when it comes to a town square redevelopment, the Town of Milton still has to submit a proposal for the redevelopment which, according to the town, could take longer to create. 

In addition, the town is also waiting for one more thing before redevelopment can go into full swing, the relocation of the Habitat for Humanity Restoration.

Although the restoration is not doing anything in particular to prolong the redevelopment, the town is waiting until they are no longer tenants in the area before moving forward. This could take up until mid 2019. 

For more information about the redevelopment of Milton's town square click here or here.

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