He’s the dude with a banana in his ear and Burlington can’t get enough of him


Published November 16, 2023 at 2:40 pm

Seinfeld banana ear Burlington facebook twiiter
Well, if it's good enough for Jerry Seinfeld...

What’s up with the guy walking around Burlington with a banana in his ear?

Have you seen him?

Reports on various social media sites the past few days say the man has been spotted around the city, typically turning up in the most likely of places, but no one is quite sure if the banana is real and why it’s attached to his ear.

“Random and odd question, but I’ve seen a guy the last 2 days with a banana sticking out of his ear, no hands to hold it. I’m sure it’s a prop or headband or something, but is this a bit or an act? Or is it just a personal choice. There’s gotta be a story….,” wrote one participant on a popular Burlington Facebook page.

“Anyone notice a guy walking around town with a banana in his ear,” wrote another on another site. ” I see him everywhere. The mall, walking along the street, waiting for the bus. I wave at him and he waves back.”

Some have speculated the item is a Bluetooth device or attachment for cellphones but others remain unconvinced.

“I don’t know, it looked like a real banana to me,” said Dal Singh who spotted the man at Burlington Mall. “He wasn’t talking into it or anything, but he knows he’s attracting attention and thinks it’s kinda funny. Everybody was looking at him and he was smiling.”

The most recent sightings have occurred on Guelph Line, Maple Ave., Fairview St, Burlington Mall and Mapleview Shopping Centre. He gets around and people are having fun trying to catch a glimpse of him.

“Literally talked to this guy at the intersection today by Mapleview and asked if the banana was real😅 apparently it’s an air freshener and he offered me one!” said another Facebook user.

An air freshener?

So far no pictures have surfaced but if you have one, let’s see it.

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