High-end traditional Japanese style sushi restaurant opens in Oakville


Published June 5, 2023 at 11:27 am

Traditional Japanese style sushi has come to downtown Oakville.

Hoseki Omakase Sushi Bar officially opened its doors last Thursday (June 1), celebrating with a soft opening.

The small family owned restaurant, located at 300 Lakeshore Rd. E. (Unit 4), focuses on providing a quality fine dining sushi & omakase (where guests leave themselves in the hand of the chef as for what’s for dinner).

Unlike many sushi restaurants, Hoseki makes their Nigiri sushi in its Japanese originality. The traditional “Edomae Style,” which was invented in Tokyo during Japan’s Edo period of 1818 to 1830.

Compared to regular Nigiri Sushi, Edomae uses a sake yeast “Akas” instead of rice vinegar. The red characteristic of red vinegar is the nutrients contained in sake yeast. This makes the colour of the sushi rice slightly red or brown.

“Contrary to popular belief in Edo period, freshest is not always the best,” the restaurant said on its website. “The fish must be cured and aged similar to wine to bring out the intensify flavours and improve texture.”

While the main ingredients of the sushi may seem basic, each component is carefully prepared at the right ratio and temperature to compliment the fish atop the sushi.

“The taste of the Edomae sushi is quite strong, you don’t need to add soy sauce,” said the restaurant. “The slightly acidic sushi rice melts the fat in the mouth, leaving a mild and smooth taste in the mouth.”

All this is prepared by their Head Sushi Chef, Tim. He spent 28 years training under Master Sushi Chef at the finest traditional Japanese restaurants on the American west coast.

Costs for the high-end restaurant can reach $195 per person.

To help celebrate the recent opening of the downtown Oakville location, customers will be able to get 10 per cent off their dine in dinner until June 30, 2023.

Reservation for a table and omakase is required. Call 905-849-0880 or email [email protected].

There is also a Hoseki Omakase Sushi Bar at Appleby Village Plaza in Burlington, located at 491 Appleby Line.


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