How the Queen’s Head pub looked 100 years ago; now Burlington wants to save it


Published November 22, 2023 at 5:07 pm

Pub tavern condo Brant Burlington heritage
How 400 Brant Street looked in the days of the Queen's Head pub.

It has been known by a number of names over the years but what remains constant is the love Burlington has for this historic building.

First called the Zimmerman House, then the Queen’s Hotel, followed by Sherwood Hotel and most recently the Queen’s Head pub, the structure has seen Burlington evolve from that of a sleepy hamlet into a busy city and it has done so from its vantage point of 400 Brant St. for about 160 years.

The building has been in the news lately as residents are concerned about its future.

With its prime downtown location, some fear the building will eventually make way for a high-rise condo to satisfy the housing demands of the GTA. Those fears have led to a revaluation of its status and future use.

Currently, the City of Burlington is considering giving the location a heritage designation that could provide a level of protection against the wrecker’s ball. The outpouring of local support to protect the building has been significant which has led to the push for protection.

In the short term, the building appears safe. With the recent exit of the Queen’s Head, the owner of the property has decided to turn it into another restaurant or tavern.

In the meantime, with its long-term status on hold, we can look back through photos to see how the corner of Brant and Elgin St. has withstood the test of time.

Burlington Brant hotel tavern bar

One of the earliest photos of the building as the Queen’s Hotel in 1915 (Burlington Historical Society)


Burlington Brant history 1918

This angle gives a clear view north on Brant St. and this time there is a hanging sign indicating the building is a hotel (Ross Taylor Collection – Burlington Historical Society)


Burlington hotel Brant historical

Radial rail car parks in front of the building in its early days (Museums of Burlington)


As the Sherwood Inn in 1973 with the porch long since removed (Burlington Historical Society)

Heritage building Burlington condo

A modern looking building in the early 2000s

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