Huge Truck Event Returns to Burlington Soon


Attention all service truck lovers.

The City of Burlington is giving people a chance to embrace their inner firefighter or construction worker.

The annual Touch-a-Truck event is returning to the city for its sixth year to celebrate National Public Works Week.

The event lets residents and their families get up close to a large variety of the city's service vehicles.

This includes fire trucks, bulldozers and road sweepers.

Visitors can take a tour of the neighborhood's areas on a city bus and even try out a backhoe simulator. There is also a booth by the forestry staff, where you can learn about what goes into working the wooded areas and what is invading the trees.

The event also takes time to highlight the public workers and all the work they do to help keep the community maintained.

Public workers are responsible for maintaining 121 city parks, 134 recreational fields and 109 playgrounds.

They also have to keep the numerous bridges in the city maintained, as well as the sewer and road systems.

Workers have many operations including designing and inspecting road reconstruction, inspecting and maintaining city-owned trees, maintaining and repairing the city's fleet of vehicles, operating Burlington Transit and handling animal control services with the Burlington Animal Shelter.

National Public Works Week's goal is to spotlight the often-unsung heroes of in a society. It is easy to forget who makes everything run smoothly throughout the city, and the week gives residents an opportunity to learn just how much work Public Workers do for the community.

"National Public Works Week is dedicated to our hard-working Public Works employees who maintain our roads, parks, trees and so much more," said director of roads, parks and forestry Mary Battaglia.

"They give their time year-round and during holidays and nights to ensure our roads and public spaces are safe and clear of danger. The highlight of the week is the Touch-a-Truck event. Families and enthusiasts in our community can explore potential jobs and interact with the machines and people in public works."

The Touch-a-Truck event will be held at the City of Burlington's Roads, Parks and Forestry facility at 3330 Harvester Rd

It will take place on Saturday, May 26, running from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Click here for more information on the event.

Photo courtesy of the City of Burlington

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