Interesting New Facts About Mapleview Centre


While most people know Mapleview is a great place to shop and dine in Burlington, few probably think about the hard—but fun—numbers associated with the ever-evolving (and ever more chic and stylishly designed) shopping centre.

The 2017 Canadian Shopping Centre Study was commissioned by the Retail Council of Canada.
It breaks down Canadian malls by a series of interesting numbers (such as how many sales they make per square foot) and has revealed a few fun facts that you might not know about one of Burlington’s biggest shopping destinations.
For one thing, the report ranks Mapleview as part of the top 20 malls in Canada in terms of sales by square feet.
It comes in after Yorkdale, the Eaton Centre, Square One, and Sherway Gardens but beats out Scarborough Town Centre and Bayview Village.

Toronto’s Eaton Centre, Square One, Yorkdale, and Scarborough Town Centre are among the top 10 largest malls in Canada in terms of square footage. The largest is the West Edmonton Mall (3,200,000 sq. ft.), followed by the Eaton Centre (2,098,754 sq. ft.).

Take a look at some interesting numbers—and see how the mall stacks up against its local and national counterparts—below:

$895 - Mapleview sales per square foot

($1,653 - #1 Yorkdale Shopping Centre)

635,418 square feet - Mapleview size

(3,200,000 sq. ft - #1 West Edmonton Mall)

Anchors over 50,000 square feet:

Hudson’s Bay - 129,066 sq. ft.

Sears (closed) - 125,707 sq. ft.

6,000,000 - Mapleview Annual Pedestrian Count

(50,100,000 - #1 Toronto Eaton Centre)

2,861 - Mapleview Parking Spaces

(21,152 - #1 West Edmonton Mall)

Expansion/Renovation Plans?

The RCC offers a definitive “NO” to this question. 

Photo courtesy of Ivanhoe Cambridge

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