What Should Oakville Do About Parking Issues During Major Events?


Parking is a contentious issue in Oakville, and for good reason.

Take the RBC Canadian Open and its never-ending stream of cars parked near Glen Abbey Golf Club, and/or parking restrictions.

At least 61 streets, from Abbeydale Court to Westview Terrace, have temporary no parking/tow-away zones this week.

The following streets (*sections of) will have temporary “No Parking/Tow-Away Zones” signs posted:

Abbeydale Court

Ambercroft Lane

Barberry Green

Birchcliff Drive

Denfield Terrace

Destiny Court

Elderwood Trail

Fairway Hills Blvd

Friars Court

Fox Hollow

Gallery Hill

Glen Valley Road*

Golfview Court

Greenbriar Drive*

Greeneagle Drive

Leewood Drive

Lindsay Drive

Maidstone Crescent

Masters Green

McCraney Street West*

Middle Gate Road

Milton Road

Monastery Drive

Monks Passage

Montrose Abbey Drive

Munns Avenue*

Neyagawa Boulevard*

Northwood Drive

Notley Crescent

Oak Bliss Crescent

Oak Hollow

Oakmeadow Road

Old Abbey Lane

Old Bridle Path

Old Carriage Way

Old Oak Drive

Old Post Drive

Old Upper Middle Road

Outlook Terrace

Oxford Ave*

Painted Post Court

Parkridge Crescent

Pipers Green

Pleasant View Court

Princess Royal Court

Priory Court

Rambler Court

Rectory Lane

Richmond Road*

Rockcliffe Court

Roxborough Drive

Royal Albert Court

Royal Oak Court

Skyvalley Crescent

Sprucedale Drive

Summit Ridge Drive

The Links Drive

Thistledown Road

Trailview Drive

Westoak Trails Boulevard*

Westview Terrace*

For those of you who perhaps live in other parts of Halton or aren’t familiar, the town posts and enforces temporary parking restrictions on roads near Glen Abbey during tournament week (running until July 30 this year), between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily to ensure local traffic and emergency vehicles can move safely.

On-street parking is available outside of these times in areas where parking would normally be allowed for up to three hours. Residents from these streets who need parking during these times have to apply for a temporary on-street parking permit.

That’s when we kvetch about how there are too many vehicles taking up space and our own visitors have to suffer and we can’t get work done on our properties.

It’s something the Town has heard before.

We all know about the current battle over the proposed redevelopment of glorious Glen Abbey.

ClubLink’s proposal consists of an official plan amendment, a zoning bylaw amendment, and a plan of subdivision providing for a mixed use residential and commercial development consisting of a total of 3,222 residential units (141 single detached dwellings, 299 townhouse units, and 2,782 apartment units) plus 11,270 square metres of commercial including retail and office.

With thousands of people potentially living there, traffic would likely be an issue. Every. Single. Day.

Right now, we don’t know how this will pan out. The matter is expected to go before council in September.

Oakville residents aren’t the only ones with first-world problems.

South Mississauga residents (especially in Clarkson and Lorne Park) love complaining about annual road closures during the Mississauga Marathon weekend. Sometimes they’ll get boxed in and can’t come or go.

Keep in mind, the RBC Canadian Open attracts at least 100,000 people to Oakville over the course of the week.

Depending on your school of thought, some will argue that’s worth the cost of doing business and raising the profile of Halton Region.

Do you think the recognition, prestige, and tourism dollars for Oakville (and surrounding areas, of course) are worth the seven-day parking headaches for taxpayers?

What happens on your street during the tournament?

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