Is The MacLachlan College Expansion Project in Oakville a No Go?

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May 10, 2019 at 8:24 pm

In a previous inhalton article, it was noted that the town of Oakville received an application from MacLachlan

In a previous inhalton article, it was noted that the town of Oakville received an application from MacLachlan College – a private school in the town – regarding an expansion project.

According to the planning and development council May 13, 2019, meeting agenda, the college has submitted a zoning amendment application. If approved, the college is planning to expand the property boundaries of the campus, and make alterations to the existing campus.

“The effect of the proposal would be to permit a 1,018.4 m2  [metre-square] addition to the existing school, convert two adjacent residential dwellings for school purposes, remove an existing residential dwelling to create a new driveway exit, and modify and reconfigure the existing site circulation and driveway access,” reads the meeting agenda.

More specifically, the following modifications, according to the agenda, have been proposed.

  • Construct a 1,018.38 metre-squarethree-storey addition to the existing school building. 
  • Alter the existing two-storey, 249.54 metre-square,heritage building (349 Trafalgar Rd.) from a residential use to school offices, and high school elective classrooms. 
  • Relocate and reconfigure the existing carriage house from its location within the property to accommodate the proposed driveway alignment. 
  • Convert the existing two-storey 168.87 metre-square heritage building (331 Trafalgar Rd.) from a residential use to a private staff residence, and convert the rear yard private amenity space to a school playground. 
  • Demolish the existing two-storey 162 metre-square detached dwelling at 272 Macdonald Rd., to allow for a new vehicular exit, staff parking, and bus parking area. 
  • Remove one of two vehicular access points from Trafalgar Road to accommodate a single access/exit from Trafalgar Road. 
  • Reconfigure the existing parking/queuing area and introduce more vehicle and bus parking. 
  • Modify the existing landscaping on the site which would include the removal of the pillars and fencing along Trafalgar Road. 

The exact subject lands of this proposed project, which are about two acres in size, are located at 331, 337, 339, 349 Trafalgar Rd. and 272 Macdonald Rd.

However, there have been some concerns raised surrounding the application and these proposals. 

Feedback from residents, from previous public information meetings, revealed that some people are concerned about traffic volumes and operations on Trafalgar Road, heritage preservation, impacts on adjacent properties, the proposed floor area, student enrollments, along with the site landscaping and design. 

In addition, earlier this year (Jan. 15 and Feb. 7), planning staff met with a number of residents, where issues a number of issues, such as massing impacts, and traffic, were discussed.

Residents who are not in favour of this expansion project may be happy to learn that in the meeting agenda, it is has been recommended that this application is refused.

This recommendation, according to the agenda, is due to the fact that the proposal does not comply with some aspects of the ‘Livable Oakville Plan’, ‘Heritage Conservation’, and the ‘Trafalgar Road Heritage Conservation District Plan’.

The meeting regarding this recommendation will take place tonight (May 13) at 7 p.m.

However, council has until May 18, 2019 to decide.

We will provide updates once they become available.

Do you think this application should be approved?

Cover photo is courtesy of MacLachlan College’s Facebook page.

Graphic is courtesy of the planning and development council meeting agenda.

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