Keep hockey, basketball nets off the road, the Burlington street sweepers are coming

Published May 18, 2023 at 9:15 am

It’s street cleaning and repair season in Burlington and that means the sweepers and repair crews are coming.

The sweeping of streets can take up to four weeks to complete and is part of the City’s overall springtime maintenance program that also includes curb and gutter repairs, the filling in of potholes, gravel and shoulder maintenance and any other streetscape repairs.

To make some of the tasks go smoothly, the City of Burlington asks that you remove your hockey and basketball nets from the street along with garbage/recycling/green bins to make sweeping and other tasks operate smoothly.

“Often nets are left on the road overnight and after use but it really helps if you can get them off the street. It helps us move through the streets quicker when sweeping and makes the work of road crews run efficiently,” a City official said.



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