Kids Cause $10K in Damage to Cars in Milton


Kids under the age of 12 vandalized vehicles at 23 houses in Milton, causing more than $10,000 in damage, say Halton police.

We’re dealing with two suspects,” said Det. Bob Lester from 1 District’s criminal investigations bureau.

They’ve done quite a bit of damage here.”

The incidents took place near James Snow Pkwy. S. and Derry Rd. on Sept. 30 at 2:30 p.m. — it was “all the same day,” said Lester.

The car were parked on Caverhill Cres., Harwood Dr., Cedar Hedge Rd., and Croft Ave.

We have 20 occurrences,” said Lester, adding some houses had more than one vehicle.

Damage “consisted mainly of scratches to the vehicle,” while two vehicles had their windshield wipers ripped off, Lester said, adding the matter has “been referred to our youth officer and our youth social worker.”

The Criminal Code of Canada prohibits children under the age of 12 from being prosecuted for criminal activities.

But police say they have alternate mechanisms and programs to ensure these offenders are held accountable, and while criminal offences by young children aren’t common, they’re investigated with the same tenacity as any other offence.

The HRPS has been actively communicating with all parties involved and is confident an appropriate outcome can be reached in the absence of criminal charges,” reads a news release.

The HRPS takes pride in its role facilitating services and support for the victims of crime and the children responsible for this unique circumstance.”

The suspects have been offered counseling with their parents, and the victims will be “provided with paths to restitution” to cover the damage.

Since the suspects are under 12-years-old, “it would be strictly voluntary for them to enter into any kind of pre-charge diversion or diversion program,” Lester said.

If they’re 12 or older, they could “enter into a contract with the police and they agree to abide by certain conditions or terms … it’s almost like a probation order.”

Having said that, “there’s not a lot that police can do if a parent chooses not to want to have their son or daughter speak to the police,” said Lester.

In this case we’re making those attempts but again, it’s strictly voluntary.”

Police are encouraging residents to report all crime as soon as possible since doing so allows police to respond more quickly, which is a key factor in ensuring thorough and successful investigations.

Emergency calls should be directed to 911 and non-emergency calls to 905-825-4747.

Tips can be forwarded to  Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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