Leaning car pulled off road in Burlington


Published July 5, 2024 at 9:05 pm

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Photo by Halton Regional Police Service.

Italy has the leaning tower of pizza. A leaning car on the road in Burlington? Not so, says Halton Regional Police.

Members of the police’s traffic unit were in for quite the surprise Friday (July 5) in Burlington when they noticed a vehicle driving on Walkers Line with a clearly visible lean.

The vehicle was pulled over and police discovered that it had a “12-centimetre lean from side to side.”

Driving with such a lean, says Halton Police, affects steering, the suspension and braking.

The allowable variation in ride height from left to right is based on a ground-to-vehicle measurement. The ride height is checked when the vehicle is unloaded and parked on a flat surface with tires inflated to specified pressure.

One side of the vehicle should not be more than 25 mm higher or lower than the other when measured at the tire centreline.

“The driver believed it was OK to continue driving,” said police on the social media platform X.

Police ruled the vehicle unfit and it was removed from the road.

A follower of Halton Police’s X account said he actually saw the vehicle.

“I drove past the vehicle. It looks even worse in person,” said @BfdBrian.

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