Leash-Free Improvements in Burlington


Two paws up for leash free areas?

Our four-legged furry friends couldn’t be happier following the completion of the leash-free improvements that were made in Bayview Park in Burlington.

According to the city of Burlington these improvements included expanding the leash-free area from one hectare to one and a half hectares, creating a separate leash-free area specifically for smaller dogs, installing a six-foot high chain link fence with two double gate entrances, one single gate entrance and maintenance access, planting more trees, putting in a shelter and seating in the small dog leash-free area, building an accessible pathway from the current parking lot into both of the leash-free areas, and renovating the Lion’s Club pavilion located to the north of the leash-free area. 

Further additions to Bayview Park included trail work which consisted of creating a new 2.40 metre wide granite chip loop trail, installing accessible picnic tables, adding bike racks and benches under the existing Lion’s Club pavilion, planting trees, putting in accessible seating and viewing areas on the loop trail, and adding interpretive panels and wayfinding signs. 

These changes were funded by the government of Canada.

While Burlington has made significant changes to the Bayview Park leash-free area, Mississauga is also potentially going to make some changes to its leash-free areas.

Mississauga is considering a potential ban on children under a certain age in leash-free areas.

Discussions about this potential change sparked after a serious canine attack involving a three-year-old girl happened at a Mississauga leash-free dog park.

Although the changes to Bayview Park improved the area, should Burlington also be considering a ban on children under a certain age in leash-free areas.

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Photo is courtesy of the city of Burlington.

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