Licenses are now required for tow truck companies and storage yard owners in Oakville


As of January 1, 2020, tow trucks and motor vehicle yards will require a license to operate in Oakville.

According to a news release from the Town, the license requirement, which is similar to existing industries such as taxis and limousines, will protect consumers and promote safety within the industry.

This new by-law will determine the rate an owner will be charged if their vehicle is towed from a private lot without their consent; if a vehicle is towed without the owner’s consent, it must be towed to a licensed storage yard within Oakville.

Additionally, the new rates for towing a vehicle from a private lot are a maximum of a $150 towing fee per vehicle, or a $75 lifting fee. Either a towing or lifting fee can be charged to the owner of the vehicle, but not both.

Further, if a tow truck driver has lifted a vehicle, but the owner arrives before it has been towed away from the lot, they must release it to the owner—they can charge the owner with a lifting fee, but not a drop fee.

This new by-law will also regulate how much a storage yard can charge per vehicle.

Owners of vehicles under 4,500 kgs will be charged $70 every 24 hours ($100 for inside storage every 24 hours), and storage fees will not start until after the first 24 hours.

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