If you’ve been thinking about popping the question to your significant other this year you may have realized that there can be a lot of prep involved.

It’s no surprise to anyone that mounting student debt via post secondary education is a huge issue for many students.

Looking for that special someone?

You may want to be on top of your finances if you want a shot at landing love. 

Fall seems to be almost everyone’s favourite time of year and it’s somewhat (only somewhat) easy to see why.

It is no shocker that dating someone costs a little bit of money (or a lot of money depending on how fancy you are).

It seems more and more people are about that side piece.

For real.

Some may say the ultimate freedom of singlehood is priceless.

But is it emptying your bank account?

There are a lot of things you can do on a date in Oakville, Burlington, Milton, or Halton Hills that are perfectly romantic and fun (especially by the water!).