Despite the fact they lost today's (August 31) game to the Baltimore Orioles, the Toronto Blue Jays came out winners at the MLB's trade deadline.

Burlington residents didn't have too far to travel to take in a little carnival atmosphere back in the day.

The Toronto Raptors remain in the hunt for a chance to hoist the Larry O'Brien Trophy in back-to-back seasons, as they put the Brooklyn Nets out of their misery on Sunday, completing the franchise'

After many cities in Ontario were permitted to enter Stage 3, Cineplex said it wouldn’t be immediately reopening its theatres.

Given that we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, plus the fact that summer is winding down and the weather is beginning to turn, you might be more hesitant to go outside. 

Initially during the pandemic, people were taking up new hobbies in an attempt to hang on to their slipping sanity--from baking bread, to gardening, to learning (read struggling) to cut their own ha

If you're an astronomy enthusiast or even have just a passing fancy of the nighttime sky, there's a big event happening in the skies tonight that you won't want to miss.

Now that Burlington has entered Stage 3, more businesses have been permitted to reopen, and more facilities are reopening to the public.

If you haven't witnessed a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event yet, fear not—you still have a few days to check it out. 

If you've exhausted all viewing options on Netflix during quarantine there's good news--more movies and TV shows are being added in just a couple weeks.