If you’ve been looking for a new way to stream, you’re in luck - music, shows, and more are available since this major media company dropped a new service recently.

Have you been dying to check out a movie or two but have refrained because the holidays are approaching (once Thanksgiving hits, it’s basically Christmas) and you need to save your pennies?

If you haven't heard of The Room—known for being, quite possibly, the best bad movie of all time—you're not alone.

But you are missing out.

Have you purchased your TIFF passes, yet?

Are you a young aspiring filmmaker?

If you are, we have good news for you.

Milton isn’t exactly Hollywood North, but a surprising number of major TV shows have been shot here.

Whether you’ve been waiting for your favourite show to return to Netflix for another season, you’re looking for a new show to watch, or you want to marathon some movies, there seems to be something

If you're a regular Netflix viewer, you most likely know that one of the streaming service's hottest shows is also, coincidentally, one of its most controversial—especially amongst parents and edu

Going to the movies is fun, but it can take a toll on your wallet.

That being said, there are budget-friendly ways to go to the movies!

The end of a TV show is like the end of an era.