Recently, it was announced that Paradise Commercial assumed ownership of the Milton Mall, a 300,000 square foot

A number of Halton residents have been nominated for an exciting award. However, there will be more than one winner. In fact, there will be 25 winners to be exact.

Good news, the cherry blossom trees in Burlington will reach peak bloom very soon!

Canada’s Wonderland just outranked Disneyland on a list of 50 amusement parks in North America.

If you’re into texting or messaging at all, then there’s no doubt you use emojis on a regular basis.

Get ready for a new escape room train coming your way! Choo choo!

The York-Durham Heritage Railway and Copper Cog Society is putting on an interactive experience for three nights in June.

Calling all Harry Potter fans, something exciting is coming your way!

Vans Canada is releasing a new Harry Potter collection - hopefully, very soon.

Good news for seniors in Ontario - the provincial government recently announced a new dental care program.

The City of Burlington has declared a climate emergency.

Recently (April 23) city council unanimously passed a motion to declare an emergency. 

The Simpsons is featuring a Canadian-themed episode called, “D’Oh Canada.”

It will be airing this week on April 28th at 8 p.m. The episode will be the show’s 660th episode.