A Hamilton-based artist has been chosen to create outdoor public art in Oakville.

Having a library card isn’t exactly the sexiest thing in the world - but it should be a dealbreaker, I’d say - and once you get one, the fun never ends.

While some people argue--perhaps rightfully--that everyone is always glued to some kind of electronic device, there’s no denying that it’s not 1993 anymore and technology is of paramount importance.<

From large-scale pieces to modern and whimsical scales, feedback is being sought on public art in Burlington for the Public Art Master Plan (PAMP).

Like it or not (don’t even front …

New year, new ideas.

Leading academics and staff from Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) are presenting their thoughts at the Laurier Milton Lecture Series.

Bibliophiles make the best company, don’t we?

There’s always something interesting to discuss, debate, ponder.

It used to couple books with beer.

The booze and name have changed but the concept is the same.

Well, that was fun, and all of our pants are predictably tight.

But who needs pants when there are Christmas-themed onesies under the tree, begging to be opened and worn?

It starts with the letter ‘F’ and you’ll probably be slipping it into your convos - in and out of the gym - on the regular in 2018.