Local teens encouraged to join Milton Youth Task Force


Published August 23, 2023 at 11:41 am

Teens who are looking to give back to their community are needed for the Milton Youth Task Force.

Formerly the Milton Youth Advisory Committee, the organization is open to local kids ages 13 to 18.

“The Milton Youth Task Force is a group of young people who are ready to take action to make Milton the best place to live. We represent the diversity and vibrancy of Milton’s youth,” said a spokesperson for the organization.

The purpose of MYTF is:

  • To get more youth involved with their community
  • To give feedback from a youth perspective to government and community organizations
  • To advocate for the needs of youth
  • To support youth community leaders

The Milton Youth Task Force consists of two groups. The Core Team meets for two hours every other week and the Ambassador Team meets once a month for two hours.

The Core Team leads the Task Force strategy and does the majority of the organization for all of the projects. This is a team of 15 (maximum) youth who work closely together, receive leadership and skills training and are highly committed to the team.

The Ambassador Team is responsible for ensuring the larger community is engaged in the MYTF activities, the voice of youth is represented around Milton and members are involved in all outreach and feedback projects.

Additionally, the team host events throughout the year to celebrate and recognize youth within Milton, including:

  • Open Mic Coffee House
  • Youth Week (May 1-7)
  • Milton’s Youth Awards
  • Enviro-Day

For more information or to submit an application, visit here.


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