Major Changes Coming to Burlington Transit Routes Soon


There are some big changes coming to the Burlington Transit System this September.

On Tuesday (August 6), Burlington Transit announced new changes coming to the city’s transit system. Some changes included the introduction of new routes, schedules and frequencies.

The city plans to move toward a transit system that operates on a grid network, with bus service along the city's most-travelled roads in an east-west and north-south direction.

Some changes this transition will make include:

  • Extending the Route 4 bus further into Aldershot
  • The addition of weekend service to the 407 carpool parking lot on Routes 2 and 3
  • Introduction of improved service and more buses on holidays

Other changes will also:

  • Move bus service to the south side of the Burlington GO Station - Buses will operate along, and enter the GO Station, from Fairview Street
  • Reduce route duplication - Remove routes that cover the same road segments as other routes and routes that operate in only one direction
  • Improve the frequency of routes - Increase frequency on routes that travel along major roads.

Burlington Transit will also be moving to the south side of the Burlington GO Station.

Starting September 1, bus routes 2, 6, 10, 12, 50, 51, 52, 80, 81, 87 and 101 will enter and exit the Burlington GO Station from Fairview Street.

Route 1 will travel along Fairview Street and stop on Fairview Street, in front of the Burlington GO Station.

Some routes are also going to be either discontinued or merged with existing routes:

You can read about all the planned changes here.

Photos courtesy of Burlington Transit

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