Major Police Blitz Coming to Milton


A major police blitz is coming to Milton and Halton Hills.

According to a recent media release the goal of this police blitz, known as project ‘Rural Impact’, is to focus enforcement in the rural communities of Milton and Halton Hills throughout the month of November.

Rural speed studies carried out by the towns of Milton and Halton Hills confirm that speeding is an issue on a number of roads within the policing district.

This is recognized by officers from the Response Team.

During the next four weeks, police officers will be tasked with targeting these roads during peak hours. 

Officers will adopt a zero tolerance approach and charge violators in a manner that echoes the speed at which they were caught driving.

Extra attention will be focused on those routes that have recognized drivers traveling 50km/h or more over the limit. If drivers are found to be traveling at these speeds they will automatically face a vehicle seizure and roadside suspension. 

Residents of the Halton Region are reminded that they can now report traffic complaints online by visiting the Halton Regional Police Service website:

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