Make your pet famous during self-isolation while supporting animals in need


The worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has forced governments to shutdown non-essential businesses and services and mandate social distancing in an attempt to mitigate the spread of the deadly pandemic.

While it can spell misery for businesses and those forced into isolation, the world’s pet population is rejoicing with the newfound 24/7 attention from their owners. If social media is any indication, pet-themed selfies and photoshoots are at an all-time high and the Oakville & Milton Humane Society (OMHS) is making it so you can make your pet famous while also supporting the not-so-fortunate animals temporarily without permanent homes.

The OMHS announced the 2021 Calendar Photo Contest in an effort to raise funds and provide food, shelter, and veterinary care for animals in need.

To enter, take a photo of your pet, submit it online, and then get your family and friends to vote for your pet’s picture.

Votes cost $1 each.

The more votes you get not only helps abandoned, injured, and neglected animals in our community, it increases your chance to win a spot in the 2021 OMHS Calendar,” exclaimed the OMHS in an official release.

“It might not seem like a $1 vote will go very far for the animals, but actually a dollar can do a lot for a homeless pet.”

There are 13 full pages to win; the cover and each month. The top overall fundraiser will be awarded the cover.

Citing the public’s safety, the OMHS has suspended adoptions until at least May 4 despite the provincial government’s declaration that animal shelters are an essential service and permitted to remain open.

While our doors are temporarily closed, I want to assure you that our dedicated staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to continue providing critical medical support, food, enrichment, and loving care to each and every one of our dogs, cats and small animals in our care,” said Rick Perciante, Executive Director of the Oakville & Milton Humane Society

This includes our Animal Protection team, responding to emergency calls 24/7 for sick and injured wildlife in Oakville and Milton, and rescuing stray animals in Oakville. We continue to take in surrendered pets for emergencies only and are reuniting lost pets with their families.”

Additionally, the OMHS is still in need of foster homes for its animals amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Established in 1936, the Oakville & Milton Humane Society is an independent, non-profit organization funded by donations from the public.

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