Massive Change Planned in North Oakville


Oakville is one of the fastest growing communities in the GTA. As such, neighbourhoods and planning policies have to be in place to guide future growth as more people move in.

If you're a resident of Oakville, you may have noticed the vast stretches of still mostly barren land north of Dundas Street, although some townhouse developments have recently sprung up. Located just north of Dundas Street, south of 407, east of the new Oakville Hospital and west of Ninth Line, these well-designed neighbourhoods are home to an extensive trail network, bike paths, and green space.

So what are these "New Communities of Oakville? According to the promotional brochure from the Town of Oakville, there are four areas that comprise North Oakville: 407 West, Sixteen Hollow, Glenorchy, and Joshua's Meadows:

There are 14 planned neighbourhood centres, with an urban core along Trafalgar Road north of Dundas as well as other areas.

A natural heritage system is also in the works with over 50 stormwater management facilities, in the form of stormwater management ponds (SWP), as well as ample park space:

The town is also looking at phasing in transit services to North Oakville over time, so that early stages of neighbourhood development will have access to transit and lessen dependency on the automobile. As more people move in, service will increase.

In addition, the location of bus stops and stations, pedestrian access and walking distances to routes are carefully considered during the design phase.

You can see that the 407 West planned area is strictly going to be an employment zone, while Sixteen Hollow will have some employment and residential areas, but it will primarily be occupied by the Glenorchy Conservation Area. Glenorchy and Joshua's Meadows will take up the bulk of the residential / commercial area.

Urban cores will also exist along Neyagawa Boulevard and Burnhamthorpe Road West to connect people to places. Within these cores, the town is planning a mix of residential units, retail and commercial services, entertainment, cultural, business and institutional, with the intent of creating a modern, urban environment.

It is estimated that these communities will be home to 50,000 people, creating nearly 35,000 jobs.

So it seems that Kerr Village, downtown Oakville, and Bronte Harbour are in line for some competition as places to be in Oakville in the near future.

There are also 10 neighbourhood parks in the works, based on this preliminary design for the standard park. Village squares will be built as well with play areas, spray pads, shelter and seating areas.

The town also provided localized maps of specific future neighbourhoods. Here is a map of the area between Trafalgar and Neyagawa:

Here's the map of EMGO North Oakville:


One of the "Preserves":

Woodland Trails:

More information on North Oakville can be found here. If you have questions about whether you can install a pool, garbage / waste pick up, renovations, parking permits, there is a section for frequently asked questions.

What do you think of these future new communities for Oakville?

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