Miami-Based Restaurant Opens in Burlington


Burlington peeps, there’s a new resto in town and it’s packing a punch of South Florida sizzle.

Watching the local culinary landscape evolve is fascinating, as cuisine--much like clothing and decor--can seemingly come in and out of fashion. The North American palate, once typically associated with burgers and fries, has come to favour formerly exotic dishes such as sushi, shawarma, dim sum and, now, ceviche.

And now, a restaurant that celebrates Peruvian food is in Burlington.

El Inka opened in March 2018 and bills itself as offering a modern Peruvian dining experience.

Its arrival in the city’s north end couldn’t come at a better time.

Suburbia is winning, with Appleby Line and Upper Middle gaining cred as a legit destination — weekend lineups are out the door at Industria and Beertown

For years, Peruvian restaurants were difficult to find--even in the culturally diverse and restaurant-heavy GTA.

Traditional Peruvian foods differ from their once better known Spanish and South American counterparts, but they’re just as rich and memorable.

On the menu you’ll find Seco de Cordero (lamb shank), Jalea (a crispy seafood platter), Escabeche de Pescado (breaded fresh fish fillet with onions, red peppers, aji panca sauce).

You won’t find empanadas on the menu, but rather Papa a la Huancaina (potato slices smothered in a spicy, bright yellow cream sauce), yuca frita (fried cassava) and anticuchos (marinated veal hearts).

What about libations?

To wash it all down, the list incorporates Peruvian pisco (it’s fermented) in cocktails such as El Capitan (with sweet vermouth and bitters), Maracuya Sour (it has passion fruit juice, egg whites, lime juice, and white cinnamon), and a Detox Fresco with St. Germain, mint leaves, lime juice, and soda).

We can’t wait to devour their ceviche!

Photo courtesy of El Inka

El Inka

1940 Appleby Line, Burlington, Ontario

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